90 Minutes Ultimate WordPress Mastery

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Want to learn how to create a WordPress website with zero cost, this course will help you started. Whether you have questions about installing WordPress or how to use the platform to create your first website and your first blog, this course will get you started on the right foot.

Our “90 Minutes Ultimate WordPress Course” for Beginners goes through the process of finding the best web hosting service, choosing a hosting plan, how to install WordPress, how to login to your WordPress website, how to apply plugin updates and WordPress updates, installing and managing WordPress plugins, how to find the top-rated WordPress plugins, how to create blog posts in WordPress, how to create blog post categories and tags in WordPress, how to install a WordPress theme, how to find free WordPress themes, how to find premium WordPress themes, how to customize your WordPress theme with Customizations, Theme Editor, Widgets, Menus, and Theme Options, adding, editing, and managing WordPress media, how to create WordPress pages and create a homepage and a separate blog on your website, how to manage comments, how to manage WordPress users, utilizing WordPress tools, and changing WordPress settings.

A lot of beginners wonder how to make a WordPress website, so I’m going through a simple step-by-step process for creating your website and some of the most important aspects to learn about the WordPress platform.

Common WordPress Questions:

How do I create a WordPress website? You need web hosting first and I would recommend getting a custom domain name and by far, one of the platforms to help you do that is cloudaccess. Once you have your account setup and have chosen a website hosting plan, you can install WordPress for free. All you need to do is download and automatically install the latest version of WordPress from there, install a theme, and set-up your website.

  • How do I create a free WordPress website? You can get started with a free plan, without any limitations of any kind. However depending on the purpose of your site, a few upgrades have to be made which will require a small amount of money and I assure you, it’s worth every dime because of the results you’ll be having afterwards.
  • How much does it cost to create a WordPress website? It can cost as low as $3/month with the right web host.
  • Can I have 2 websites on WordPress? Yes, once you have a hosting plan you can create multiple WordPress websites. Some hosting plans, especially dedicated hosting plans, have enough resources to host 5-10 WordPress websites that get traffic and have a lot of files.
  • Is WordPress hard to learn? It takes time to learn the WordPress platform, but it is something that you will learn very quickly with the help of this course. In addition, there are advanced options in WordPress that you can learn as you continue to upgrade your WordPress skills. But the basis and all you need to know, shortened to the very meat has been provided in this “90minutes Ultimate WordPress Mastery Course”.
  • Is WordPress easy to use? Yes, there is an easy learning curve too which I’m providing, but within few days, you will get used to the platform and after several months of use it will become second nature to use WordPress. You can also see reviews on WordPress.
  • Is a WordPress website free? You can create a free WordPress website, but you are also at liberty to make a small investment for upgrades as needful depending on the purpose and the functionality you want to add to your WordPress website. In all this, WordPress is easy to master. and all you need to know is what I’ll teach you in this course.

So Lets get started! Again head over to this platform and watch the video lessons for a detailed work through and you’ll have your WordPress website in no time.

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  • Fundamentals To Customer Persuasion (High Conversion Secrets and Tactics Explained)

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